Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Aariz!!

It was a great surprise to get a phone call from my old friend..She interested to order the cuppies for her beloved Aariz's birthday.. Thanks my friend for the compliment. Glad you love it... :)


fun fliffy said...

hi jiji, i am finally a blogger too
ur cuppies are the sweetest, fliffy nak gi kajang awal bulan5 nanti ingat nak order cuppies utk mothers day, tahan ke seharian dlm kreta :) see ya around

Anonymous said...

hye gg...been waiting 4 ur updates on aariz cuppies..he3..pandai gg buat kpla bob n cat tuh..ank zura yg 2nd afeef mmg suke sgt cat tuh...cute!!syg nk mkn..skrg pon ada lg simpan..hihi..ok, nnti 4 afeef's burfday gg buat lg gempaks eh..btw, aritu my MIL msti byk tanye gg kan?he3..die mmg suke brtanye...how's lumut?best?