Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home-made Raya Cookies

Dear Yummy Bites Customers..

The raya mood is here !!!! :)
We are now accepting orders for our home-made Raya Cookies...
Place your order now or latest by 15 September 2008...

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1) Choc Cornflakes : RM16 (member) / RM18 (non-member) - per 42 pcs

2) Almond Choc Chips : RM18 (member) / RM20 (non-member) - per 55 pcs


queserasera said...

jiji wat seme kuih ni, rajin.. pandai... i like.. mcm nk order almond choc chips tu tp x leh nk pick up kat kl pulak, huhu.. boleh courier x, hehe

Yummy Bites said...

sara..thanks :)
nak courier tu boleh rasanyer...but i cannot guarantee that the cookies tu akan hancur ke tak??