Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pooh Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Happy Birthday to Izzah Najla..:)
and thanks to her mommy for ordering these..

Tigger and Pooh Cupcakes

7" Choc Moist Cake decorated with buttercream icing + Pooh Edible Image

Top view of the cake..


Ummi to NAJLA and EMRAN said...


Intan...thanks ya for the lovely design...she love it soo much...sampai skrg duk admire lagi walaupun keknye dah tinggal suku aje..hihihih

nice knowing you...insya'allah next time i order lagi from you kalau ada occasion...:-))

thanks again..

Yummy Bites said...

hi elyana..thanks and nice knowing u too..hope to hear from u again ya?tq!